Treatment for Menopause

Using natural remedies to treat menopausal symptoms

Many women start experiencing changes with their periods and having occasional symptoms like hot flashes and mood changes in their 40s. On average, most women go into menopause (i.e. haven’t had their period for a year) when they are 50, but the range is quite big. For some, this is a smooth and easy transition, for others it can be extraordinarily stressful.

Menopause can be a time in life to celebrate, a time of new freedom, a time of reflection and inspiration. However, hormonal changes can wreak havoc with energy, sleep, sexual function, temperature regulation, and your emotions.

Assessment and Treatment

Paracelsus offers many treatments for hormone imbalances, such as:
  • Diet modifications

  • Custom-formulated tinctures

  • Specific vitamins and minerals

  • Herbal remedies for symptoms

  • Bio-identical hormone replacement

  • Mood balancing therapies

In the Know: Hot Flashes

Menopause brings with it many symptoms, including hot flashes. Hot flashes occur when the body cannot control the temperature in the body. Hot flashes feel like extreme heat in the body, can come on without warning, and cause sweating, flushing, and a rapid heart rate. Some women only experience a couple of hot flashes a day, where others can have many each day. These flashes can last from a minute or two to up to 30 minutes. It is not completely clear what causes hot flashes, but most doctors believe it is a disruption in estrogen levels. Hot flashes can also lead to unpleasant night sweats. Naturopathic therapies can help with this too.

While hot flashes are associated with menopause, these symptoms can be greatly reduced with the appropriate natural remedies, such as herbs, specific foods, and dietary changes. The doctors at Paracelsus have many natural choices to help alleviate hot flash symptoms.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Mistry graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Texas at Dallas and is a certified vinyasa yoga instructor.

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My doctor always spends plenty of time showing me test results and explaining what they mean. I have learned so much. My health has turned around dramatically!

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Our doctors can help you navigate the transition to menopause gracefully.

We offer safe and effective natural therapies to ease your symptoms so that you may enjoy this transformative time in your life.