Treatment for Detoxification

Natural treatments for effective detoxification

From the food we eat to environmental factors, toxins are introduced into our bodies every day. There are several effective and natural treatments to detoxify the body and help the liver and kidneys to function at optimal levels. Paracelsus helps you to find detoxification treatments specific to your situation.

Our doctors educate you on what detoxification treatments truly work, and help you to understand how to change both your diet and environment to reduce toxins that can be reintroduced into your system.

Assessment and Treatment

Detoxification treatments may include the following:
  • Testing of liver and kidney functions
  • Specific dietary and environmental recommendations
  • Herbal and nutritional supplements
  • Electromagnetic therapy

In the Know: Drug Detoxification

One of the main reasons patients investigate drug detoxification is to help alleviate withdraw symptoms during drug treatment programs. These symptoms can include sweating, anxiety and tremors. There are several safe and natural treatments for drug detox that can be used in conjunction with drug treatment. Organic herbal medications, IV therapy, and diet guidelines can help supplement the body’s natural ability to remove the drug toxins and help reduce withdraw symptoms.

Let the doctors at Paracelsus help you with your plans to overcome your addiction and get you on the road to health.

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Dr. Brousseau has taught physiology, illness and child development for Waldorf Teacher Training in California.

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