Our Locations: Holistic Medicine in Southern California

We serve the Los Angeles and Inland Empire areas

Paracelsus has two well-placed locations to serve the Los Angeles and Inland Empire areas.

Our Pasadena office is located in a beautiful historic Craftsman-style home, bringing a cosy feel to the office.

Our Redlands office is located near downtown and off the 210 Freeway, easily serving the Inland Empire.

Pasadena Office

Redlands Office


Parking is usually available behind the office. Street parking on Lake Avenue is free for one hour. Unrestricted street parking is available up the street on Boylston by KFC (on one side) or by Orean’s (on the other side).

Please do not park in the lots on either side of our office building as you may be towed.


Pasadena Office Phone Number

(626) 794-4668



Parking is available in the lot in front of the office or on Olive Avenue. There is a small sign in front that says “Natural Family Health Center” and the window of the building facing the road says “Orbit” on it. The entrance to Dr. Barker’s is at the back right at a 90 degree angle to the road. The doors are not obvious until you drive into the lot.

Enter through the big wooden doors and turn right into Active Life Chiropractic (Suite B). The staff will set you up with paperwork and let Dr. Barker know you have arrived. Please do not go upstairs until the doctor comes to meet you. Let us know if you cannot climb stairs and we can arrange for the doctor to see you when a downstairs room is available.


Redlands Office Phone Number

(909) 793-4477

Paracelsus Natural Family Health Center is a unique medical practice that combines the best of modern medicine with the best of natural remedies.