Treatment for Autoimmune Disorders

Supporting the immune system with homeopathic treatments

Autoimmune diseases cause the body to attack and damage its own tissues. This can lead to many different symptoms, such as pain and weakness, but can also compromise the body’s ability to ward off infection. There are many autoimmune diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis, Graves’ disease and psoriasis.

Proper diagnosis is a key component to developing the right treatment for an autoimmune disorder. Whatever your symptoms are, Paracelsus offers a variety of natural therapies to treat the underlying causes of your autoimmune disease.

Assessment and Treatment

There are many important treatments for autoimmune disorders, including:
  • Evaluation of diet and food sensitivities

  • Low dose naltrexone

  • Specific vitamins, minerals and herbs

  • IV Nutritional Therapies

  • Natural anti-inflammatories

  • Detoxification programs

In the Know: Susceptibility to Autoimmune Disorders

While anyone can develop an autoimmune disorder, there are additional factors that can make individuals more prone to developing an autoimmune disorder. Some autoimmune disorders, such as multiple sclerosis and lupus, seem to be genetic and can run in families.

The environment also plays a key role. This includes an individual’s exposure to solvents, bacteria and viruses. Gender can also play a role in developing certain types of autoimmune disorders. For example, it is reported that women tend to have a higher incidence of autoimmune disorders compared to men.

The doctors at Paracelsus bring extensive expertise to treat autoimmune disorders, and are ready to work with you.

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