Patient Story: Lupus, Sharon from San Dimas, CA

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Lupus Before Paracelsus

When I was in my mid-twenties, I was diagnosed with Lupus. After about 20 years of dealing with the pain, fever and fatigue, the disease attacked my kidneys. This was a frightening experience by itself but I became even more frightened when my western doctor prescribed chemotherapy for my condition. I took one dose and decided I wanted to consider other treatment options.

Treatment & Results

I began seeing a different rheumatologist, and I discovered Dr. Barker. When I first met with Dr. Barker, it was evident that he genuinely cared about me and what I was going through. I quickly grew confident in him and found that I was comfortable talking to him. When discussing my condition, he took his time and was very thorough.

Dr. Barker worked with my new rheumatologist, used a variety of treatment techniques, and gave me suggestions to help me take responsibility for my own well-being and to achieve optimal health. I greatly appreciate the professionalism and care that I experience and would highly recommend the Paracelsus Natural Family Health Center to everyone that I know.

Thank you to the dedicated staff and especially to Dr. Barker for all the care and support.


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