Keeping Love In Your Heart

Experiencing love and connection can help us live longer.

Numerous studies have shown that people who are most likely to live longest and be healthiest are those who experience love and connection in their lives on a daily basis.

Why is it that we can love a new born child, our romantic love or another human being with no judgment and no holding back?

And why is it that most of us believe that love without reservation, love completely forgiving and accepting, cannot exist in our everyday life. Why is it that we fail to love ourselves without also putting a limit on that love?

February has traditionally been a month of celebrating love, especially love for others. We invite you to also use this month as a reminder to celebrate what could well be the most important love: self-love. So, take time this month to look after yourself. Figure out your relationship to your body. Do you listen to it? Do you nurture it? Take time this month to pay more attention to self-care. When it comes to your health, find out what is working, and what in your life needs tweaking. You are always welcome to see one of our doctors at Paracelsus for support and guidance.


About the Author: Dr. Fareen Koorjee is a Naturopathic Doctor who recently joined Pasadena Natural Family Health Center. She looks forward to seeing your faces, hearing your stories, and being a part of your healing.

Naturopathic medicine allows people to maximize health, minimize reliance on prescription drugs, and take active steps toward longer, healthier lives.

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