Patient Story: Pediatrics, Sarah from Redlands, CA

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Before Paracelsus

I turned to Paracelsus after numerous trips to our traditional pediatrician and allergist trying to figure out what was causing my 18 month old’s repeated ear infections and chest congestion. After about three rounds of antibiotics, getting lectured about how not getting vaccinated was causing the ear infections and then being sent home with five different medications, I went to my car…cried, called my husband and said we need to go down a different path.

A friend recommended Paracelsus. After my 15 minute phone consultation, I was sold.

Our Experience at Paracelsus

Our first visit was very thorough and I left SOOO relieved. The doctor did not prescribe my son medication after medication to eliminate the symptoms. Instead, she was able to get to the root of the problem by simply taking the time to understand him and how his body functioned.

Within less than a week of our visit, his chest congestion was completely gone, there were no more ear infections and he was able to sleep through the night. He is now three and has not had a single ear infection since. All four of my kids (7 months to 8 years old) love going to see their doctor. I no longer have anxiety about taking my children to the doctor. I’m always relieved when I leave their office, feeling the genuine care for my children and their health. The front desk staff is also so welcoming and cheerful. LOVE IT! And LOVE THEM!

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