Patient Story: Pediatrics, Catherine from Pasadena, CA

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Before Paracelsus

My family has been going to see the doctors at Paracelsus for four years now. All three of my girls are patients of a very impressive Dr. Mistry. I was pleasantly surprised at how awesome, thorough, and intelligent Dr. Mistry is. Her care is not only proactive and preventative, but also informative at an empowering level.

Our Experience at Paracelsus

I have had nothing but positive experiences with all the doctors and staff at Paracelsus. And I am always appreciative that the doctor’s plans are tailored to the patient’s needs and lifestyle. I can call, page and email our doctor with any concerns and the staff is always more than happy to get back to me. Thanks to Paracelsus, my family has access to exceptional healthcare.

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