Patient Story: Family Medicine, Fina from Pasadena, CA

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Why We Chose Paracelsus

Our family of six moved to be a part of this practice in 2010 and it has been one of the best health care decisions we have made. As an ER nurse, I understand and see the value of traditional western medical practice. However in my work, I see a lack of wholistic, preventive and natural forms of care to help keep people healthy and out of the hospital.

The reason we chose this practice was that we wanted a broader approach and other options to meeting our health needs and goals. The reason we have stayed is that we trust these doctors. At our first appointment, I was amazed by the fact that they actually read and asked about the information on our health history forms, as well as asking questions about our family and lifestyle. They look at the whole picture and make recommendations accordingly. I can say that since we have been with this practice our health has improved and our recovery from illness has been quicker than I have experienced in the past.

Our Experience at Paracelsus

Being able to talk with the doctors outside of business hours when one of my kids is sick has been extremely helpful. Their approach to trouble shoot and recommend options for home treatment has gotten us through several long nights and kept us from long waits in the ER. I have also experienced first hand the effectiveness of various remedies they prescribe for common illnesses.

Our experience with these doctors leads us to heartily recommend that you consider this the practice to follow your health care needs. We make this recommendation not from the point of view that “nothing bad has happened to us while being here” but from the standpoint that we have experienced the kind of excellence in care and treatment here that each person deserves and wants. In fact, as we plan to move abroad next year, we plan to return for our annual visits and keep these doctors as our primary family practitioners.

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