Patient Story: Auto Immune, Lauren from Joshua Tree, CA

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Health Before Paracelsus

Between late 2010 and early 2013, I was debilitated from autoimmune diseases that went undiagnosed despite the thousands of dollars I’d spent on specialists, hospital visits, blood work, and imaging. I suffered from neurological conditions such as ataxia and weak limbs, which made walking and standing difficult. I was fatigued even though I did very little. Worst of all, I was forgetting words and names. Over and over again I was dismissed by doctors, and the doctors who wanted to help didn’t know how.

Treatment and Results

By the time I found Paracelsus Health in 2015, I still had residual pain, fatigue, and many unanswered questions. I wanted to do more than just function.

Dr. Mistry was the first health practitioner I met who actually looked into my eyes, gave me her full attention, and listened. Tears swell when I think about how powerful and healing it is just to be seen. Not only did she see me, she was able to help me take my health to the next level.

With my autoimmune diseases, I am not a simple case. Dr. Mistry continues to help me tweak and refine my diet and lifestyle to stay healthy. Since starting with Dr. Mistry, I have become an avid weightlifter, and I feel more in control of my health than ever before. I have learned how to love my body, not just despite my issues, but because of them, for they require me to be watchful and intuitive.

My deepest thanks to Dr. Mistry and Paracelsus.

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